Get this Look: Alia Bhatt's 'Forever 21' Look

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Few months ago, Alia Bhatt launched Forever 21 in Mumbai. The dress, accessories etc that she's wearing, are from Forever 21 store. Now, dress like her in just a few clicks. I couldn't find all the items as they were already sold out, but I have found two items from Forever 21.

Product Link:

Product Link:
                                  The necklace is some what similar to that she's wearing but not the same. The actual necklace has already been sold out.

Product Link:
                                            I couldn't find the exact sweater chain on forever 21, so you can wear this. The actual chain can be replaced by this.

Product Link:
                                    Again I couldn't find the actual product, so this is what you can replace it.

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  1. Nice Article!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. I like a lot "Get the Look" posts, they are full of ideas on outifts. Thanks for this!


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