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Thursday, August 01, 2013

Hey friends,
Today I would like to introduce to you a site i.e ahaishopping.com which not only offers free shipping but also sells their products at really very affordable price. The most important thing is that they offer good quality clothes and you really get what you spend. They also offer giveaways which I will talk about a little later. Now,

What the site says :
AhaIshopping, A Korean & Street Style Women's Fashion Clothing Online Store offering women’s apparel, dresses, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, beauty products, etc. Special Offers Only $9.99 & Free shipping Eeveryday. Sponsor Giveaways on Facebook Every Week, Join Us to Win!
AhaIshopping was founded in late 2011, and has already grown to one of the best women's fashion clothing online stores. We keep updating products at a high rate every day. Now we update more than 300 new products each week. Those products mentioned definitely belong to the latest fashion trend.
AhaIshopping's mission is to make you close to the planet's most cutting-edge fashion, no matter where you are or what class or age group you are in. Pursuing fashion is the right of every woman.
We are Free Shipping Worldwide with speed and precision and 30 Days Unconditional Return.

                   If you read carefully, then you might have noticed that I mentioned "Special Offers Only $9.99 & Free shipping". Yes, it is true. There is a $9.99 and $19.8 clothes section where shipping is free and the exciting part is that the clothes are affordable and also you don't have to pay for the shipping.
            Below you can see some pictures along with the prices :

1) SKU:1140795398
Price: $9.99 Was: $30.78

2) SKU: 1187232524
Price: $9.99 Was: $19.15

3) SKU: 1203804211

4) SKU: 1215119687
Price: $19.80 Was: $24.82

5) SKU: AHAI006212
Price: $19.80 Was: $26.77

6) SKU: 1174198988
Price: $19.80 Was: $31.91

                      Now, let us talk about the giveaway. Ahaishopping.com is offering a giveaway for its fans as well as for those who were not acquainted with this site. See below for the details :

Giveaway Prizes :
1) Free clothes totally cost $30 as prizes if there are over 100 valid competitors in the giveaway campaign within 3 weeks.
Two winners choosen at random after 3 weeks, each one could get $30 prizes listed above.

2)  $15 cash bonus to winners if there are less than 100 valid competitors in the giveaway campaign within 3 weeks.
Two winners choosen at random after 3 weeks, each one could get $15 cash bonus, and you can use it as cash on their website.

1. Like on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Ahaishopping21 (Mandatory)
2. Follow on Google+: https://plus.google.com/106350956726822110638 (Mandatory)
3. Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Ahaishopping (optional)
4. Follow on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/ahaishopping/ (optional)
5.Comment your Facebook Name and the favorite items' url links on my blog so that I know who participated the activity and what you want to win.
There are 2 winners chosen at random after 3 weeks later, each winner can get their prizes that is said above, they are free shipping worldwide.
It is an international giveaway opened for worldwide.

To enter the giveaway register below. One more thing there is also extra entries. The more enteries you have the greater will be your chances to win. So HURRY UP!!!!
The giveaway starts from august 2 and will end on august 23 at 5pm (Timezone: Indian Standard Time).
The two winners will be declared on my blog as well as the social networking sites and will be contacted by email or through facebook and twitter.

Ahaishopping Giveaways

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  1. http://www.pinterest.com/ridji/ahaishopping/ follow, please!

  2. hi, my FB name is Katja Kozlevčar and I love all the items, especially > http://www.ahaishopping.com/ahaishopping-2650-Korean+lace+waist+dress+8229.html

    > http://www.ahaishopping.com/ahaishopping-3171-Western+small+suit+White+Red.html

    > http://www.ahaishopping.com/ahaishopping-2680-Vibrant+atmosphere+plaid+shirts+8912.html

  3. followed you :)

  4. Sorry, but the giveaway is over.


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