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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Hello everyone,
Do you remember my first blog about korean genuine clothing sites? Today I will give you the detailed information about one site i.e which I didn't mention there. See below photos of the beautiful clothes sold there and the prices which are very affordable price. The most important thing is that it mentions the brand names of the clothes they sell, which we cannot find in some sites. They also sell bags and shoes.

Brands it sells :
Air Space, Apple Starry, Candy Shop, Catworld, Cherrykoko, Coco Style, Ginac, Holiday, Krazy,
l'miusa, Labu Labu, Melissa, Nak Classic, Orange, Puffy, Reiko, Seisen, Spicy Holic, Tianmu, Tokyo Fashion, What's, Yixin, Yoco, Yumi
  • Black V-Neck Asian Fashion Sexy Mini Dress With White Lace 

Item code : fQ15051bl
Link to this dress :
Price : $ 7.97

  • White Leopard Print Loose Fit Draped Waist Asian Fashion Chiffon Dress

Item code : i45A3(6403)wh
Link to this dress :
Price : $ 9.56

  • Watermelon Red Princess Cut Short Dress with Lotus Brooch and Fashionable-belt

Item code : gA1-8192re
Link to this dress :
Price : $11.62

  • Black Short Asian Fashionable Fall/Winter Blazer with Big Collar 

Item code : p5501bl
Link to this dress :
Price : $ 10.19

  • Pink Loose Fit Short Sleeves Striped Asian Fashion Knitted Blouse

Item code : k2014pi
Link to this dress :
Price : $ 8.92

  • White Off Shoulders Floral Pattern Short Summer Collection Ladies Jumpsuit

Item code: i59A1(4707)wh
Link to this dress :
Price : $ 8.92

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