Vivi-clothes November New Arrivals

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Vivi-Clothes is the largest online Asian Fashion webshop based on Tokyo fashion. They have almost everything in their webstore from head to toe i.e clothes, cute socks, shoes, accessories, beauty products etc. They sell both ladies wear and mens wear.
                       They also update their site quite frequently, so you won't see the same stuffs. Check out some of their latest new arrivals below.

1) Cute Kawaii Flower Floral Print Sweater
Link to the product: Click here

2) Cute Colored Star Print Scarf
Link to the product: Click here

3) Japan Snidel Elegant Floral Print Dress
Link to this product: Click here

4) Japan supreme lala cute big bow sweater
Link to this product: Click here
                             There is much more for you to find in their lastest new arrivals. Don't forget to comment which one is your favourite. 
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  1. Love the cute sweaters !

    Please enter my 30 $ Dressale giveaway @
    30 $ Dressale giveaway @Fashion Factive

  2. Very cool and unique! I love the colors!

  3. Love the floral print dress for my Granddaughter, and I love the bottom sweater for me!! :)

  4. I adore their clothes so much! They are really adorable! The first sweaters *w* sooo sweet!


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